Feel Good Tour

Back in September of 2005, Bill Hudson was out doing his recycling, and suddenly an idea hit him. He thought that it would be great if some musicians were to go down to Louisiana where Hurricane Katrina had just devastated the Gulf Coast.
When Bill gets these ideas, he likes to call some friends and bounce them off of them. He got in touch with Guy Nouri of Dragonfly.com and told him "Wouldn't it be cool to go down to the devastated areas and play music for the people for free?" He just wanted to play music and let the healing power work it's magic.
Guy said that he thought it was a great idea. Bill was happy to hear that. He sometimes worries about his ideas. Guy provided funding to help make the trip a possibility. Without Dragonfly.com, this would just have been a crazy idea. We all thank Guy Nouri for having the trust to support this even when there was no real plan.
As Guy and Bill talked up the idea, everyone thought it was a great idea. Bill contacted some of his friends and every one of them said that they would be interested in performing in that area. Fellow Roanoke Virginia musician Al Coffey joined Bill on his first trip, and has been going ever since!
To date we have given over 250 musical instruments to 4 Gulf Coast schools and one in West Virginia.